MaxiCash Visa Card

The visa card for you to pay online, for you to travel and for you to receive payments

MaxiCash App

The App enabling you to make payments, money transfers and purchase goods and services.

MaxiCash Gateway

The online platform that enables your business to collect payments and make bulk payments online.

MaxiCash BetaFuta

The digital platform that enables you to collect cashless payments with a terminal or a QR code.


For Individuals...

Visa Card, Digital Payments & Money Transfers

The MaxiCash Visa Cards helps you make  international payment without having a bank  account. It exposes you to the rest of the world and helps you to receive money from abroad.

The MaxiCash App enables you to make local payments and international money transfers from the comfort of your home or office. Enabling you to also purchase value added services such as phone airtime and other online vouchers.

For Businesses..

Local and International Payment Collections and Bulk Payments

The platform enables your business to collect payments by Mobile Money, Mobile Wallets and Bank Cards. These collections can be done online with through website,  with a payment link or offline by use of a payment terminal or a QR Code.

The platform enables your business to make bulk payments to Mobile Money, Bank Accounts and Cash using an online payment portal, making it easy to pay over 1000 beneficiaries in 5 minutes.


About MaxiCash

Happy customers!

We give our best to make you happy!

Our Customer Service team will be there online on various channels, WhatsApp, Facebook, Web Chat and Phone to assist you the best we know how to always make you happy with our services…

They have good customer service and sending money with MaxiCash is very very easy and fast.

Pappy Kangundi

It is important for our business to work with a reliable partner. MaxiCash has been with us since 2018

Bonny Maya

We at the Church are so happy the way MaxiCash enables our church to collect payments but also happy that it allows our members to send money.

Junior Lomboto

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